Terms and Conditions and Application Process


Upon signing the membership application, the following terms and conditions are agreed upon by the applicant, all individuals on the application, and all guests of the applicant:

  • Applicant hereby represents that (he, she) resides in the state of Ohio.
  • Applicant hereby states that all information provided on the membership application for the Huntington Hills Recreation Club Inc (HHRC) is true and valid.
  • Applicant hereby applies for membership to HHRC and waives all rights and claims for damages against HHRC for any injuries which may be suffered in connection with the members’ and guests’ involvement with HHRC, except in the case of negligence. The Applicant also waives all rights and claims by heirs, executors, and/or family.
  • Applicant hereby accepts monetary liability for damage to HHRC property by members and guests associated with their application/membership.
  • If a member is found bringing in a patron(s) who is not on their membership and not paying as a guest, that membership will be revoked.
  • All membership applications are subject to information verification by HHRC.
  • All family member applicants must live in the residence provided on the application.
  • Children listed must be dependent children only. Verification may be required.
  • If more than one family resides at the same residence, each family must purchase a separate membership.  Memberships do not include extended family and/or multi-generational living arrangements.
  • Providing false information may lead to immediate revocation of application and/or membership.
  • Failing to provide proper verification/documentation may lead to immediate revocation of application and/or membership.
  • Babysitters are only to patron the pool while in the role of a babysitter and not with the main adults on the membership present.  Babysitters are not to patron the pool without a member from the membership they are associated with.
  • Applicant has read the membership fee structure and guidelines and agrees to the fee structure. Applicant agrees that the information provided on the membership application is in agreement with the membership guidelines.
  • Applicant hereby agrees to abide by the rules and regulations established by the Trustees of Huntington Hills Recreation Club Inc and understands that insubordination of rules and regulations by any member or guest associated with their application/membership may result in suspension and/or revocation of membership at any time.




Membership to the HHRC is open to both residents and non-residents of Huntington Hills. Non-residents are considered Associate Members of the pool and pay a non-resident fee in addition to the basic membership fee(s). All prospective members are required to complete a Membership Application and undergo information verification.

The HHRC may limit the number of memberships offered per season to maintain the safety of the pool and pool grounds. The HHRC may decline membership based on previous policy violations. If a member/applicant is found to have provided false information on the membership application, that membership will be revoked/application will be not processed. All memberships are subject to verification, and failing to provide proper verification will result in that membership being revoked/application not being processed. If a member is found to be bring in a patron(s) who is not on their membership and not paying as a guest, that membership will be revoked.

The HHRC has moved to an online application process. Please read the Membership Payment Process prior to submitting the membership application and payment.


** Applicants do not need to wait to apply!  Applicants are encouraged to submit their application and payment as soon as possible so it is in the queue.  The processing fee for a credit card payment is non-refundable even if the application isn't processed. The HHRC will not process your check payment until/unless the membership application is processed.**

  • March 4 - March 13: Membership applications for Huntington Hills residents will be reviewed for priority processing (both new and returning members who are HH residents).  Resident membership applications timestamped after March 13 will no longer be given priority and will be reviewed/processed in the order they were received.  Memberships are not guaranteed. Residents who move into the neighborhood after March 13, please contact the Membership Chair at hhrcpool@yahoo.com to discuss new residency verification and membership options.
  • March 14 - April 1: Membership applications for returning members from the 2023 season will be reviewed for priority processing. Membership applications for returning members timestamped after April 1 will no longer be given priority and will be reviewed/processed in the order they were received. The HHRC will stop processing applications once maximum capacity is reached.  Memberships are not guaranteed. Memberships may be denied based on prior incidents associated with a membership.
  • After April 1: New membership applications will be reviewed/processed in the order they were received (if there are memberships still available).  The HHRC will stop processing applications once maximum capacity is reached. Memberships are not guaranteed.



  • Membership applications will not be considered for processing until full payment is received and all necessary verification/documentation has been provided (if requested/needed).
  • After the membership application is received, applicants will receive status updates at the email provided on the membership application.
  • The HHRC does not issue physical membership cards - we issue electronic ePasses. Please see additional information below regarding ePasses.
  • Each member is required to check-in at the office window each visit.  If you leave the pool grounds, please check-in at the desk again upon re-entry.  If you bring guests, they will also need to check-in at the window with the member(s).
  • If a picture was not submitted with the membership application, each member will have a picture taken at the pool office to add to the membership database.



  • Once your application is approved and processed, an email is sent to the email address you provided on your application. This email contains a link with instructions to download your members' electronic ePasses.
  • The ePasses ARE NOT guest passes.
  • When you go to the pool, you show your ePass at the pool office window to be scanned. This will make it more efficient for the staff to access your membership. You must still stop at the window while the staff accesses and verifies your membership.
  • Not taking a phone to the pool for the day? No worries. The staff can still access your membership without an ePass. We prefer the ePass to be used when possible, though, for efficiency.
  • If you cannot locate the email regarding the ePasses, check your spam folder to be sure the email is not there. Also, please search your emails for the following email address that the email would have come from: passes@accessgrantedsystems.com. You can also try searching using the words that are in the subject line: Huntington Hills: ePasses enclosed
  • If after following the above step you cannot locate your email, please send an email to hhrcpool@yahoo.com